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Help decoding 1941 56S numbers

Guest SteveAS

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Guest SteveAS


I've long been an admirer and searcher and am contemplating buying my first Buick and would like some help with the VINs and other codes . . .

Regarding the engine VIN (54360891), from having read other threads, I've learned that the engine, because it isn't red, is not from a '41. Can anyone tell me what year/model it is from?

Regarding the chassis VIN (34189472), again, from having read other threads, I believe the car was not made in Flint? Where was it made and does that have any implications?

Finally, what do the style, body, trim, and paint codes tell us? As you can see, it's black/silver. Is that its original color?

Thanks, gentlemen, I hope to be joining the ranks of owners soon!





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It looks like a 41 Super. The Tag would indicate the car was made in Linden, NJ. The plant is no longer there. Also, the engine number indicates a 1941 Super model. The engine should be dante red based on the production number. Is it black? If it is it may be a replacement or when it was rebulit it was painted black. Black is generally the color of replacemnt engines.

If it is light gray, it would be an earlier production engine, but based on the numbers, the car was made after mine in Linden, NJ and should be red. Hope that helps.

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Welcome to the AACA Buick Forum.

The engine number of 54360891 is a 1941 Buick engine. The first number 5=Buick Super. The engine number 4360891 is in the range of 1941 Buick engines, i.e., 4074859 thru 4457940.

The chassis numbers of 34189472. The first number 3=Linden, NJ. The chassis number range for Linden is 3897008 thru 4263683. The chassis number of your car is near the end of 1941 production and was likely produced about June 1941.

Thus, your engine color should be red and is likely the original engine based on the range of numbers for the engine and chassis.

The Buick Club of America (BCA) judging manual with the above information can be found on-line at:



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paint code 560 is carlsbad black and silver

Paint code 560 is solid Carlsbad Black with Carlsbad Black wheels with Silver stripes or optional Dante Red wheels with Silver stripes, see attached file from the 1930-1955 Buick Master Chassis Parts Book or the BCA juding manual in post #5 above.

Some details on the style number, 41-4527

41 = model year, 1941

4 = Buick

5 = Series 50, Super

27 = Sport Coupe, with full rear seat

1941 Paint Codes.pdf

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