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starting problem!?

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my 41 runs smooth and quiet, but it takes two of us to get her going...

one to step on the starter, and one to "jiggle" the throttle shaft arm/fast idle cam on the side of the carter carb... when jiggling i feel no resistance, as if it is just loosely flopping (should it be?) ...... it starts right up again, as long as i "jiggle"..... but what am i to do when driving alone!?..... any one have suggestions as to what must be wrong?

thanx in advance!


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I am not familiar with your particular carb. However all and engine needs to run is compression, spark and fuel. If your engine runs well when started you obviously have compression and fuel and your timing must be close. To start a cold engine you need to enrich the fuel mixture. On older models (like mine0 you pulled out the choke {which restricted the air flow into the carb}. On later cars stepping on the accelerator tripped the choke and it stayed on until temperature pulled it open.

If you take your aircleaner off and look into the top of the carb and jiggle the throttle shaft you should see the choke plate close on the first movement. If you hold the choke plate open with your finger you should see gas squirt into the carb.

I would suspect that you have fuel squirted in when you move the rod therefore you are manually enriching the mixture and the engine starts. I would also expect that the choke plate is not closing. Not being familiar with you carb I am not sure if you have or should a manual choke, or if for some reason the choke plate is not closing. Looking at the linkage and the fast idle cam should tell you wether your choke is closing or not. If not perhaps simply removing the cover from the choke mechanism on the side of the carb (usually three screws) and looking inside will show you your problem. Perhaps the spring inside is broken or ??? It should be fairly obvious once you open it up and look.

I had a 53 Buick with a Stromberg carb (everyone said they were totally unreliable)and I used to take the choke cover off twice a year and clean and lube the spring and mechanism and dnever had a problem in almost 200,000 miles. Basic maintenance just like changine the oil regularly and repacking your front wheel bearings once or twice a year.

If you come back with some further information about what you find I am sure that CarbKing would be willing and able to help you.

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thanx!.. since it seems it just flops around and i feel no resistance when "jiggling" i believe that if it is suppose to have a spring as you suggest, the spring must be missing or broken.... i trust no one to play and experiment with it, but as time goes on i will figure it out........ thanks so much for the input.

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