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Hi all --- Shopping around for a truck and came across a 1996 Dodge 2500 Cummins diesel. The truck has 200,000 miles on it but is in a rust-free southern climate. I'd fly out to drive it home.

I've no experience with diesels nor the Dodge Ram, but is 200,000 a lot of miles for this truck? Or are they good for a lot more?

I want to find something closer to 100,000 miles but the budget doesn't allow.


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IMPORTANT...on the '99 Cummins Diesel be sure to check the block for a large cast #53. If the block has this # stay away. Virtually all "53" blocks are cracked just above the oil pan or will crack above the oil pan. They come from a bad batch of block castings. Google Cummins 53 block for more info. Cost me $6000 for a new engine for my '99. If the block is OK then at 200K miles the engine is barely broken in. These engines regularly run 300-500K miles. Beware of the automatic transmissions on the '99. They are notorious for giving up under the torque of the Cummins. We now run a 2004 and a '94. In my opinion they are the perfect tow vehicle but expensive to maintain.

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I've owned 12 Cummins so far and have wrenched on many many more. I love these trucks. Things you should consider: these trucks are hard on front ends. Bushing and especially ball joints will need to be regularly serviced and replaced. Buy good quality like MOOG and get a lifetime warranty, its saves you so much in the long run. Automatic transmissions are soft in all the 2nd gen trucks. You can drive and enjoy it stock but if you adjust your pump or add other mods these engines put out torque that stock transmissions an T.C.s just can't handle in most cases. I have had several Cummins with over 100K and still had the original tranny. If the '96 you are looking at is a five speed all is good. They do loose the fifth gear nut so most simply get it welded on. '96 and '97s are good year trucks. You get the better (and some may say best) fuel pump. If you are looking to increase your performance, you can add close to 100 H.P. just by adjusting your pump. It is something you can do yourself if you are handy, or purchase a kit for a few bucks.

To answer your question; 200K miles is nothing for the engine. But the rest of the truck will also have 200,000 on it also. A friend of mine got close to a million and a half on a 1997 3500, and ended up selling to upgrade as a very good running and driving truck.

Good luck and enjoy that truck. After driving a taken care of Cummins you won't want to drive anything else.

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