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Dodge panel ID

Bob Scafani

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The table that I attached in Post #2 shows your frame number in the group many different model types. Assuming you don’t have a positive engine type identified for your Dodge the next question is the wheelbase or distance center of rear hub to front hub.


My “E” series 1929 Dodge has a very distinctive look and does not have the same bell molding lines as your truck. My model is a DA-120, or 120” wheelbase with a DA six cylinder engine.


It is possible your model may be a U-124 Dodge, or a 124” wheelbase with a Plymouth 4 cylinder. There is a picture of your light delivery in an article titled “1927-1932 Trucks when things got confusing”. The article is in the publication “The Official Guide to DB & GB Trucks thru 1938”. The publication is available at the DB Club store and is an excellent reference.


The wheelbase may be the best clue to that model you have if you do not have a engine.


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any luck on confirming the year ? I've seen several advertisements that make me wonder if it could even be a 31 or 32.

Don't know if this is a clue or not but I found this ad showing a 32 1 1/2 ton that also has an angle from the rear of a Panel truck showing the cargo area. The doors and the interior wood design as well as the wheelwells match the the interior on yours. I've never seen one similar to yours in this regards until I found this advertisement. I wonder if anyone can verify that cargo design as a 30, 31 or 32 ?

Out of the possible 61,771 of these produced I'm guessing the frame number on yours must be a later issue, like a 31 or 32.


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can anyone tell me what year and model this truck is? frame number D231751

Just putting this out there.....the only DB truck that I see in my materials with four hinges on the doors is 1931. Don't know if previous years or newer years had four. Did not see any.

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Both pictures in post# 5 & 6 are "E" series trucks. You can tell by the double set of bell moldings on the sides and they have 4 hinges on the doors.

Not sure, but the DA -120 and DA-124 were "E" series trucks and not the "F" or "UF". But still a mystery isn't it. It does appear UF was a PLymouth 4. Check out the reference I give to "Dodge Bros and Graham Bros Trucks"

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Guys be patient with me I'm very new at this. I've searched everywhere for the answers I'm looking for and can't seem to find anything in lay terms to a beginner like myself.

Was wondering if someone could tell me if this photo below is the infamous "U" 4 cylinder that is one of the two options possible for this truck, the other being the DA 6 and can someone post a shot of the DA 6 so I can see what it looks like? I've done search after search but can't seem to locate any good photos of the DA 6 or the U 4.

I'd like to find a discussion or maybe we can cover it here since it's relevant as to what distinquishes the DA 6 from the U 4 and what to look for as I'm trying to locate one of these motors for sale.

Heres the add for this Plymouth on Craigslist if anyone is interested:

Plymouth Coupe 1930


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I have an extra DA 6 but it is a good backup for my DA 6 in my 29 DB truck and these engine aare hard to find.

Both engines have a "H" code on the engine number that is located below the exhaust/intake manifold at the front of the engine.

See attached pictures.



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Keiser, stakeside thanks that's very helpful.

Bear with me a second though, I now see what makes a DA 6 because of the generator being belt driven but am still unclear on a couple of things.

1.) Is the Plymouth 4 cyl in the photo above the correct U 4 motor that would have been a possible option for this panel truck on topic ?

2.) Also, I understand the letters DA, DD, U etc...to be model designations but still have no clue what that means. It still doesn't explain the abbreviations

DA , DD, U , X , T and all the others so I'm wondering if anyone has any info on what the letters stand for ? Still very confusing from a beginners stand point. Can anyone direct me to a page that describes the verbage of the abbreviations in detail or post a pic explaining the system ?

I know we are only concerned about the DA 6 and the U 4 motor for a possibility for this truck on topic but I would really like to learn the system as we go along.

Thanks for any help

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So by this quote highlighted below in blue are you saying the serial number in question D231751 for the panel truck on topic is a possible "E" series truck ? Ok, now I'm really confused, I thought it was a D series because of the frame numbers...HELP!:confused:

I know this book in the photo below is for mid 1928 Grahams and 29 Dodge Brothers 3/4 ton series E trucks but would the frame number in question be listed in this book ? I don't know how that would be possible unless the panel truck in question is a late 29 or early 30.

Anybody out there have this book and do you find the frame number in question D231751 listed in there ?

Both pictures in post# 5 & 6 are "E" series trucks. You can tell by the double set of bell moldings on the sides and they have 4 hinges on the doors.

Not sure, but the DA -120 and DA-124 were "E" series trucks and not the "F" or "UF". But still a mystery isn't it. It does appear UF was a PLymouth 4. Check out the reference I give to "Dodge Bros and Graham Bros Trucks"


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To anyone reading this thread it may appear that I'm trying to control this thread but I have a serious interest in purchasing the vehicle in question and my intentions are to help in securing title for the purchase, as well as finding useful information for anyone else interested in pre 33 Panel trucks since this information is so limited as we all know.

I'm hoping the following may be useful to anyone helping in this search:

Yesterday while doing some digging at the library according to a book "American light duty trucks 1896-1986 by John Grunnell" I found a slice of info that I believe is relevant and may help in some way.

It was a ref only book and I was in a hurry and only took brief notes without using a copying machine but heres what it said in general:

"1930 Dodge Panel 3/4 ton U1-8-124 had 6 different body styles" . Then it goes onto say "DA's were the same as the U series only difference was they used a 6 cyl"

and more... " The 1931 3/4 ton Panels were the same as the 1930's except there was no price reduction as with the rest of the lineup for this year".

The reason I bring this up is the key phrase that may be helpful "6 different body styles". Can anyone ellaborate if they've found any photos on the 6 body styles? And can you find any interior or exterior photos of the truck on topic ?

Again, when viewing the pic that I posted in Post #7 above, the interior is very distinct for this Panel Truck on topic and different from other trucks we've seen. It has 2 seats, with the passenger being more like a bleacher seat. The back doors have vertical grooves and 2 locking mechanisms, vertical and horizontal wood framed walls lined with metal exterior panels and lower wheel well metal panels on the interior, with wood floor and metal strips. I'm guessing the passenger seat was optional and if I recall I read somewhere it was an option for an additional $20. ***NOTE see left photo below showing 4 vertical wood frame support slats on each side of cargo space of truck on topic and note the passenger seat is missing the upper cushion but clearly shows the 2 vertical backrest supports. Post # 7 pic is of a larger panel truck with 5 or 6 vertical wood support slats (1 ton maybe ?)

Again, I'm only putting this information out there for possible clues in hopes for answers and I apologize to Bob and everyone if it seems I'm trying to control this thread which is not my intention at all, I just want to get the year and serial number in question locked down.

If anyone out there has any info to add that you think will help then please respond. The following are photos that Bob has sent me for my research and have proved very helpful, thanks again Bob.

The pics of drivers door and dash are to hopefully help in clues as well.





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Your dash board picture matches a picture in the before mention refference titled "Dodge Bros and Graham Bros Trucks through 1938". There is a Plymouth 4 shown in one of the articles.There also is a section on the UF and F series trucks. The dash shown in the article is for a F-10 model and this has a Chrysler/Desoto 6 engine. Have you been able to get this book?

I have no other information on the Plymouth 4. There should be some engine numbers for these engine and you will need to know them to assure the correct engine.

The D in your frame number reffers to where the truck was assembled, or D for Detroit. My frame is S for Stockton.

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You guys are doing a great job of sorting through all of the information. This would probably be a lot easier if there were at least one more of these trucks extant.

That would take all the fun out of it though Bob :D. Like the old saying goes "anything worth a damn is worth working hard for"... or something like that.

Any luck ? Tranny photos or the spare tire mount I mean ? No rush, just when you get time. Post here or there, I'm sure you know what is better. I'm just curious to what you find out and obviously excited about the venture.

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hey 30 chrysler, this is what i know. i ran my serial # on that same sheet. vaige 28-32. i first thought it was a 3/4 ton but then i looked and seen that the 4 cylinder option only came on two models according to the serial# sheet. i then measured the wheel base and came up with 133. i then figured out that it is a 1 ton. once i found that in my master parts book for these era trucks the u133 didn't start till 1930. another thing i read which i don't remember where i read it but in 29 and 30 these were the oly two years that had a chrome radiator suround. mine is a 4 cylinder 4 speed with wooden wheels. your dash and instrument cluster look close to the same. my doors also have 4 hinges. i met a fellow who rat roded a 31 dodge truck out and his doors only had three hinges. his cab was more of a steel body also. i hope this helps. if i can help anymore let me know.

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One other clue is the difference of the radiator shell. The attached photos show my 1929 DB "E" series. Note the heavy bell molding around the inside radiator edge.

I believe my truck is a DA-120, and this agrees with the "Master Parts List". All "E" series trucks and the DA-120 have a radiator shell code 516048. Also the radiator medallion code 522258 applys to the samr models.

The Moto_GB_Grad radiator shutter is not original to my DB, but the DB radiator emblem is original.

The frame number of my truck is S-115XXX





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here are some photos of the transmission. the diameter where it meets the flywheel housing is about 15". the clutch photo is of a victory six. the trans fits this motor as well.

Bob, do you know if thats the original tranny ?


Thanks for posting that. So do your emblem and radiator have parts numbers on them? Just curious...

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the transmission came with the truck. I haven't seen any numbers on the radiator parts. The truck could be a 1931 or 1932.

Thank you Bob. I'm a little unclear on something still though.

Do you have the bellhousing for this tranny ?

You mentioned to me (via email) you have the driveshaft too. So when you get time I just need to make note of the inventory from the bellhousing back to the rear differential incase I need any of those parts. No rush, just wanted to make note of it so I can get eyes on the search for those parts if needed.

Thanks Dave

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The radiator shell or emblem do not have any numbers.

I did find a number on the pedal arms attached to my clutch housing. They are 522178 located on both clutch and brake pedals. The "Master Parts List" has a 522180 listed fo the DA-120 and DA-124. I could not find any other numbers on the clutch housing. The U-124 is listed as 522795 in the "master parts list. I could not make out the number shown in preveious photos. Could I get those numbers?

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If your talking about the number on the pedal arm in that picture I believe it's 527484.

Bob has the truck still so he would be able to confirm or deny any info in that regards, but he's done enough for me already and I don't want to run him around looking up parts numbers daily cause I'm sure he has other more important things to do, so maybe we can wait for this discussion once I get the truck in my possession. Sorry for jumping ahead on ya though, I just think about the whole picture out loud sometimes. Just excited ... If you want to discuss it on the other thread it may be more proper.

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This is the number listed as for the clutch pedal for U-124 and DA-124 after frame # D-227828.

Do you have the "Master Parts List". I was able to get one for FAXON AUTO LIERATURE for $70.00. It is a Mopar reprint of good quality.

Yep so thats confirmation it's period and serial # correct for this Panel. Thank you.

Yeah, bought an original should be here by the weekend (fingers crossed).

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Do you have the "Master Parts List"..

I do now.

Wow great information. Thank you sir :D

Now it's my turn to help. As you know I went for the original and is different than what you have so if theres anything I can help shed light on and double check anything for you just let me know.

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I have been reading this thread and may have a couple ideas that may help out by taking a different angle. Here is the way I understand the issue:

30chrysler is planning on purchasing the truck in question from Bob Scafani. But Bob did not get the title for the truck when he purchased it from a guy in Massachusetts. There is some question as to the proper year and model of the truck.

So here are a couple ideas:

- Bob needs to get the proper title or ownership documents from the seller in MA and transfer it to a CA title so the proper "flow" of ownership can be followed. It may be that it is now impossible to get the registration document from the prior owner. MA RMV will have to help.

From the MA website ( Massachusetts RMV - Applying for a New Registration ) I found this:

Whom do I contact if I did not receive the title to my vehicle?

Please correspond with the Title Department at the following address:

Attn.: Title Department

Registry of Motor Vehicles

PO Box 55885

Boston, MA 02205-5885

They may be able to produce a title or describe how to get some type of ownership documents for that vehicle. Bob may need to show a "Bill of Sale" from the guy in MA which includes this info:

What do I need to include in a bill of sale?

A Bill of Sale must list the following information:

1. Name(s), signature(s) and address of buyer(s),

2. Name(s), signature(s) and address of seller(s),

3. Date of purchase,

4. Purchase price, and

5. Identification information (VIN, make, model, and year)

- 30chrysler or Bob may be able to request a "Title History" from MA ( See:RMV - Title History Search for instructions) concerning the truck. It will be necessary to have the truck's correct "VIN" number as used in MA (which seems to be the number on the vehicle identification plate attached to the motor vehicle by the manufacturer). There is another provision that vehicles manufactured prior to 1980 do not require a title in MA.

(See: MA Title Law: Massachusetts Title Law went into effect on September 1, 1972. This law requires that all motor vehicles and trailers be titled within ten (10) days of purchase. Passenger vehicles with a model year of 1980 and older, purchased before November 26, 1990 are exempt from titling. Any vehicle purchased after November 26, 1990 must be titled,...

I am not sure how this applies to trucks or this particular vehicle if it was purchased in MA by the prior owner AFTER 11/26/1990. I would think it is pretty much the same as regular vehicles but more accurate info should be searched out.

This line in How to Obtain an "Original Title" gives some info:

To obtain an Original Title in MA:

An application for Title (RMV-1) must be completed and signed by the owner(s). If the vehicle is purchased from a Massachusetts licensed dealer, the dealer will complete the RMV-1.

The completed RMV-1 must be accompanied by one of the following documents:

A manufacturers Certificate of Origin (new vehicles only), or

The previous owner’s Certificate of Title, Dealer Re-Assignment form if applicable, or

The previous registration and bill of sale for vehicles that are exempt because of their age.

Federal and Massachusetts’s laws require that the seller(s) state the mileage upon transfer of ownership. Also, both buyer(s) and seller(s) are required to sign and hand print their name and date the transfer document. If the previous title has a space for a sales price, the price must be filled in. If the previous title does not have a space for a sales price, a bill of sale showing the sales price must be submitted.

I am thinking that by doing the ownership documents route, that the proper year and model info may be readily available and all Motor Vehicle Departments in all three States will be happy. That way, when it is time for 30chrysler to get it registered to drive, everything will already be in order and set to go. In the meantime the papered ownership of the vehicle is fully documented and there would be no problems if there is a loss from fire or theft before the restoration is finished.

Take it from me, this can and does happen so you should be perpared for it with all the proper paperwork! :eek:

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