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1915 Maxwell 25

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Just listed on ebay with no reserve-mostly complete 1915 Maxwell

Needs full restoration-nice frame and engine fires-missing headlights and top and 2 hubcaps

most all else is there.

Join the HCCA for pre 1916 brass cars on a nickel!

Why buy a T???

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Guest 1929model75

I have to say it seems to me the boys from across the pond really enjoy the prewar cars and god bless them because they will not street rod them and interest in this country seems to be declining. Just my opinion.

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Hi all

It is prudent to point to that no one was "whining" in the 1950's, 60 & 70's when the majority of our early motoring heritage was plundered by big spending Americans, buying our Thomas flyers, Perice Arrows early Packards, Peerless, expensive European cars or anthing remotly interesting? Seriously it about time that some of them came back this way!

Case in point, there were 20 odd 1909 Cadillac's deliverd to Australia new, every single one of the remaing cars was purchased during this period and removed to the US. by 2000 there was not a single 1909 Cadillac remaining. There is now 3 back here, I think we are still well and truly behind in herritage motoring stock stakes.

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