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Steve Dove's book, BUICK Performance Engines<BR>references a STAGE II option available in 1968. This option carried over to 1969 and then again in 1970 with the famed D Port heads. <BR>Question: Are the 1969 STAGE II pistons still available ? Part #TRW-1394179<BR>This was a dealer installed option in 1969. In 1968 the STAGE II specifications were filed with NHRA. Are there records of the car and its performance? I assume that these were 400 engines, however I SAW 430 STAGE II VALVE COVER STICKERS at the GM restoration display at Carlisle last week! They were repros from Jim Osborne. Were any of the STAGE II engines actually converted GS 430s?<P><BR>

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As per "1969 Buick / Opel Announcemet Meeting" brouchure that i have:<BR>(and i quote)<BR>Stage2<BR>Pistons and pin Assemblies<BR>These Pistons are 11.0:1 compression ratio forged alluminum and are fitted with special Chrome pins. Engines equipped with these pistons will require SuperPremium Fuel. Part numbers are as follows:<BR>Piston and Pin assembly for 400 CuIn: Group-0.629 Part#:1394179<BR>Piston and pin Assembly for 430 CuIn: Group-0.629 Part#:1394180<P>Piston Rings<BR>These rings are low tension-low friction rings and are usable with the standard production or optional forged piston.<P>Piston rings,400CuIn engine: group-0.643 part #:1394202<BR>Piston rings,430 CuIn engine: group-0.643, part# 1394203<BR>(end quote)<P>This document is is from Buick Motor Division and on the front it sez <BR>"Wouldn't you really rather have a"<BR>California GS<BR>GS 350<BR>GS 400<BR>Riviera<P>with pictures of the 4 cars <P>There are other detailed parts specific to the Stage1 and Stage2 but these were the only ones that specifically detailed differences between the 400 and 430.<P>Curiously along these facts, back in April of this yr someone was auctioning a COMPLETE 430 stage2 kit on ebay including the above pistons and rings, cam shaft, carbjets, bearings,cam, and intake manifold gasket (PN 1383831) that blocks off the heat holes in the heads !!!<P>All for $3500 if i remembe correctly<P>Hope this helps some.....<P>Alan W<BR>69 GS400 Conv.<BR>69 Skylark Coupe<BR>68 SportWagon 400<BR>....and as of Yesterday....<BR>87 Turbo T Designers Edition with Rosewood/burgandy paint!!!!<BR>

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