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Request pic of driver door lock motor wiring


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Guest Corvanti

in my "final edition" 88 (89) reatta manual it looks like what you need to know is in the body section, doors 10-5-11.

i'd scan the page for you, but the ex-mrs. corvanti took my scanner a few months ago... :mad:

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Confirmed from that Ebay listing that C16 tan goes to LH door lock motor tan as well.

OK so frustrating. Took my driver door panel off so that I could tap into the TAN power door lock motor wire for the TAN C16 on the RKE module. When I would hit unlock on the keyfob, the lights would dim. Just confused, considering the diagram specifically says hook C16 up to TAN PDL wire.

The diagram doesnt really mention the switches and where they play into the setup.

So I played around and hooked the tan C16 from the RKE to the black wire from the power door lock switch. It worked perfectly! However, both doors simultaneously unlock! At this point, so tired i don't care and will hook it up this way.

Also, ran the car. With door closed, the ADL will kick in and lock the doors. Previously when I would hit the PDL unlock button, the locks wouldnt do anything and the lights would dim. This time around, all features work correctly when the car is running, and regardless whether the locks are locked/unlocked from the door switch or from the key fob! :D :D:D :D When the pink ignition run wire is hooked up, the module disregards all keyfob input including the trunk unlock.

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adding notes for my RKE write up (see edit history)
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