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Help ID this brake drum - possibly 30's or 40's Buick


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This brake drum was on a rear wheel of my 1939 Buick Special but it is not correct for it. It is for 12 inch x 1 3/4 inch shoes like the 39 Special but the end that goes inwards towards the car has a different flange (see photo). It would only work on the 39 Special with a spacer between the drum and the axle else the drum would rub against the backing plate. The bolt holes and the 2 piece construction are the same as the 39 Special, the only difference being the shape of that flange on the inward side. What is it from?



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A lot car use the same stud pattern so could be from anything

I would be looking for a correct drum: You cannot comprise with brakes

I already have good, correct drums (thanks for the safety suggestion). I'm just finishing a complete brake job including sleeved original Delco master and wheel cyls, new shoes all around, and adjustment by the manual. The brakes seem to be real good now, for 1939 anyway! At this point I'd like to ID this drum and get it to someone who can use it.

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