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1937 Ford Fire Truck

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I bought this truck. Truck has name "WYOCENA F.D." on hood. As I understand it, truck came from the Wyocena Fire Dept. in Wisconsin, but I am not sure of this.

The name "Wyocena" had been painted over another name at one time. For a truck this old, it was common for one fire department to sell a truck to another fire department. This truck is almost unbelievable and twice what I expected. It starts right up, can be driven most anywhere, and has a good clutch, brakes and engine. Also it appears to have all of the accessories and is very complete and original. We do not plan to restore this truck, due to its original appearance and patina.

This truck will be on display at the TP Car Museum in Canfield, Ohio. See www.tpcarcollection.com for pictures of other vehicles, or see www.facebook.com/tptools for more pictures of this truck.

When we put a vehicle on display, we always make up a display card, telling the history of the vehicles. In this case, we have no information.

Does ANYONE know anything about this truck in its prior life? Any small piece of information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you,









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