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Rear wheel covers - how to remove them ??


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HI all,

You know the removable steel covers which are part of the body work, which cover most of the rear wheels on a 42 to 48 Buick ?

How is it supposed to be fitted to the body of the car ?

Mine has 3 bolts. 2 of which are under the car.

I was thinking that may be originally it was fitted with clips or hooks and used just the one bolt which can be seen when you open the rear door ?

Can some one please post some photos of the inside of a cover and the fittings on the body where it fits onto ?

Thanks !!

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Guest Straight eight

Having grown up with a 48 Roadmaster four door, it sounds like you have the standard system for attaching, "fender skirts" No clips. except maybe at the very rear, there may be a clip. Here is the owners manual version. Double click the Thumbnail for a larger view.


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Thanks for that !!

As suspected, the skirts on my car have been modified by a previous owner.

Mine has 3 bolts to attach it to the car where as it should only use the one main bolt behind the rear door.

Can someone please take photos of the inside of their fender skirt showing the position, size and shape of the hooks, and the openings on the body where the hooks go into ?


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