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Guest sintid58

Well we have officially been homeless since May 4. We are staying in a extended stay hotel when we are home and have had a contract on a house not far from where we lived before. There have been some issues with the fact the home we are trying to purchase has 2 addresses and we hope we can get it all worked out. We were trying to close on or before June 1 but now that doesn't look possible. The house we are looking at has a one car attached garage but also has a 20 X 38 shop that is insultated, wired for a welder and tall enough to put in a hoist as well as up stairs storage. It also has another 28 X 36 garage so there is a lot of room for my fleet of cars. Hopefully we can get everything straightened out soon, unless Mr Earl gets his plan off the ground early so we can move in there.

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