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'31 cord trip to Hershey, PA


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After a couple of days to do the wash, repack and switch cars, we are on the road again! This time we are on the way to Hershey, PA for the ACD Eastern Spring meet. It was a cloudy day progressing to a little rain. We got a late start because there were a few things we had to take care of this morning. This trip, we are driving the 1931 Cord L29 on secondary roads, starting out with top down but when the sky started spitting we put the top up. I am thankful for the roll up windows.


Round Barn in Michigan


Don’t be chicken to drive your collector car


Check out the awnings on this building




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Great looking car, my favorite Classic! I've always wanted to drive one, my Dad always said the dash mounted shifter was tough to get used to. He had to drive one from NYC to Connecticut for the boss's son when he was 15. Tough job, but he prommised to cover any tickets. Just found an original sales brochure in some stuff yesterday. Bob


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We resumed our drive from mid Ohio toward Hershey. It seemed like we ran in to a dozen road detours. A couple of them involved steep downgrades.


Mike stopped to get his sweatshirt out of the back of the car because he was cold. Meanwhile, some guys from the Chevrolet dealership crossed the road to look at his car. One of them pointed out a missing nut and bolt from the front bumper. The bumper was trying to abandon the car. Whoosh….that was lucky! We went to the service department and got a temporary fix until we could make it to the hardware store for a more permanent fix.


Here is the Chevrolet crew supervising our repair. We stopped for the night about 200 miles from Hershey in Brookville, PA.

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The sky was overcast and when we decided it was warm enough to put the top down, it decided to rain. We found shelter at a gas station, and put the top back up, only to have the sun come out again. We were glad to have the top up when it started to rain again, and drove the rest of the way to Hershey today arriving around 3PM. It was only after we went to the host hotel and found no one there that we discovered we were a day early. Oops, someone didn’t read the itinerary very well, so we will hit the antique malls and Hershey World tomorrow. Today’s picture is a train loaded with John Deere tractors as far back as we could see.



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Guest Killerbunny

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This morning we went to Hershey World and took the tram ride. Then we visited the two antique stores had lunch and went to the host hotel. There were a couple of cars there already. We visited with friends and hung out in the hospitality suite. Peonies were brought in to decorate along with a couple of mannequins in costume. We went for supper at Hoss’s then back to the hospitality room again.

The host hotel is the Marriot right next to the AACA Museum in Hershey cars should be there in the evenings through Sunday. We will be on various area tours Friday and Saturday: traveling to Avon where the beginning club meets were held, and touring Harley Davidson, etc. Sunday is a judged "show" on the lawn by the AACA Museum.

The L29 travels well at 55 - 60 MPH. It has a high speed rear end. We will be ready for Iowa and are looking forward to seeing you there!


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Today’s early bird tour went to the Harley Davidson Plant in York, PA. One of the club members from Denmark tracked me down there. WOW!

We continued on a scenic drive to Lititz, PA where we had lunch and toured the Wilbur Chocolate Factory before returning to Hershey for our opening banquet at the AACA Museum.


Some of the cars on tour parked while their owners went for a tour of the Harley Davidson Plant in York, PA


Clara at our opening banquet at the AACA Museum

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Saturday we drove to Avon Memorial Park for brunch and an organized photo of the event. I think Jill will need to photoshop to get that to look organized and get everyone in. We left the park and drove to the site of the former Avon Inn where “it” all began. After another photo event, we proceeded to Ephrata Cloisters for a guided tour. Early Dinner was at Bube’s Brewery in Mt. Joy, PA. Buba’s is an early brewery that dates back to the 1800’s.


Arrival at Avon Memorial Park


Those who attended the first meets at Avon


Site of the former “Avon Inn”

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Last day of the Eastern Meet: Today is judging day. Mike is acting as chief judge for this meet, which mean he must line up teams to judge the five cars that asked to participate in judging. All of the cars are lined up in front of the AACA Museum. Meanwhile, I am taking thorough notes as Ken Clark points out the finer details on John Bools’, Cord L29 cabriolet. The final banquet follows the car show and we will say our good byes and leave in the morning for home. It’s been a great meet!



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We started the journey home this morning. It promises to be a very hot day. We got a later start than we wanted because I was loading pictures from yesterday. We passed this Harley Davidson “ranch” near State College, PA.


We stopped for some water and bathrooms here….hope everyone recognizes the ground hog.


Then, we continue through PA and passed this:


We ended the day in Middlesex, PA.

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We're home! Today we drove on the main highways through the larger cities of Youngstown and Akron. We forgot to bring maps so we drove right through the middle of Toledo. Oops! We got home around 7PM. We had some near loses of a few parts, however we caught them in time! One of the front Acorn nuts was nearly unthreaded, as well as the wheel lock on one of the spares. Also a piece of the top mechanism jarred loose. I would have to say that the state with the worse roads was Ohio.

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