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fuse diagram does not match owners manual?


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88 fuse box diagram does not match owners manual? :confused:

Is this a known issue where the manual was printed wrong?

Trying to find the body fuse and a switched/hot fuse.

Also, which side of the fuse would be the hot side vs. circuit side?



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I have never heard of anyone having a problem.

However, If I were looking for a circuit that is hot with the ignition on, I would probe all the

fuses with the ignition off........... writing down the fuses/circuits that were not on.

When you do the probe, you can quickly discover which end of the fuse it hot by pulling any fuse that is hot... then probe the two contacts and then you will know.

Now that you have all the cicuits identifed that are hot with the ignition off, the rest are circuits that are hot when the ignition is on.

If you don't already know, there are adaptors available at auto parts stores and Radio Shack that you put under a fuse.......pull the fuse, plug in the adaptor, then plug the fuse back into the adaptor. There is a lead coming off this adaptor with another fuse plug and you attach your new device to this lead.

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