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Help for removing pop-out ign. switch/coil from dash of 31 Franklin


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Hey guys; I am having firing problems on my '31; was running 6 years ago but now has no fire. Found polarity on coil wrong but that is not suppose to affect anything but provide a weak spark. Also found 5.3 ohms primary resistance whereas it should be around 1.5 ohms; don't know about that?? If I need to remove the switch/coil, how does it the switch come out of the dash with ruining something. Can't find anything about this. Someone here's done it? Thanks for any tips on this?? have checked out distributor and all seems ok there. have primary fire and amp discharges when points are closed.




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I just got a LARGER mirror and looked at this closer. It appears that the choke and advance/retard cable nuts hold this unit on the dashboard. you can see the nuts on the A/R cable in the 1st & 2nd photo and the choke one in the 3rd photo. Didn't realize the unit had a flange on it. Those are what holds the popout/coil on.

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