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Patinated Dodge in Wisconsin


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Hi Folks,

Had an enquiry from USA, Wisconsin, from a lady who has a well patinated Dodge. I belive it to be a cca 1924 Dodge Four Door Sedan.

" My question is I would like to know the value of it. I have been trying to research it without any luck. I do know it is all original and believe it or not the engine still works. We are trying to sell it but we would like to find out more about it before we do. It has the wooden spoke tires and steering wheel. I believe it is a 1924 Dodge. Can you help me with this.

Would appreciate your input as I have no idea on valuations in USA, and would appreciate confirmation of year and model.


Vintman (UK)



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I believe it is a 1925 or later. The 1925 had the cowl vent. I don't think that the 1924 did. If the serial number on the toeboard is between A-132,707 and A-372,474, it is a 1925. I think that the 1924s had a split windshield and 1925 went to a one piece windshield. Your car actually looks to be a 1926.

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Depending on how "patinated" or pitted, maybe $1,000.00 in parts. If not pitted badly and able to get running, maybe $2,000.00. Just my own opinion from what I have seen going on out there. With larger or better photos we could give you a better idea.

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"Old Cars Price Guide" lists a '26 or '27 Special Sedan @ $360. as a parts car condition 6, about $1090. if it's restorable condition 5, and unfortunately around $10,000 if an excellent restoration... which would probably cost twice that much to accomplish.

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