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Inner Tube Failure


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Last week I noticed the spare tire on my 28 Chevy was flat. I replaced the inner tubes in all five tires back in 2010. The replacements were "Made in India". When I broke the wheel down, I found the tube was split not far from the base of the valve stem where it's vulcanized to the tube. The only complaint I have with the other four tubes is they don't hold air very well. The tires will go flat on the car in three months and it's not from leaky valve stems. My question is whether this was a fluke or should I be concerned about the other tubes as well.

I am including some pictures and no, it's not an optical illusion, the embossed information is double printed.





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I have a few of those too and also some made in Denmark. Mine all split around the inner circumference of the tube.

At first I thought that it was either the ends of the spokes putting holes in them or it was me damaging them when I mounted the tyres so I put new rust bands in and was very carefull putting the tyres on by hand.

It didn't make any difference, they all still split around the centre and blew out. The only ones I have had any luck with are very expensive English ones.

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