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ID Mystery OHV 4 cyl Engine

Guest pre25Chev4

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Guest pre25Chev4

I have a mystery engine that I got from a Rootes Group, BMC, Standard Triumph dealer 50 years ago. I thought it was removed from a 1950 Sunbeam Talbot "90" Mark II convertible, but recently got a Parts Catalogue for the "90" Mark II and my engine is not the same:

1. My engine has an aluminum oil pan with cooling fins with the short dipstick mounted on the pan.

2. The cyl block is deep skirted about 4-5 inches below the crank centerline.

3. The aluminum intake manifold is mounted above the exhaust manifold on the right side and has a cast mark of VAF and cast #64447. This unit manifold has 4 individual tunnel inlet ports that connect to the 4 port intake head.

4. The flat aluminum rocker cover has the oil filler cap mounted in the rear.

5. The aluminum coolant manifold has the thermostat mounted horizonally on the outlet.

6. The engine serial number is stamped on a raised pad on the block right side and is "TRD2160."

Thanks, Ken

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The "TRD" prefix on the serial number coincides to a Triumph 1800 Roadster, with the number "2160" indicating a build date of very late 1947 or early 1948. The extensive use of aluminum also would be indicative of a 1940s U.K. car. See photo for positive I.D.:


TR2 engines do not meet the description given. See photo:


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Guest pre25Chev4

My Standard engine Serial Number TRD2160 must have been removed from a 1948 Triumph 1800 Roadster in which 2500 were made in 1946 - 48. It looks like the 1800 Roadster engine shown above with the aluminum rocker cover with oil filler cap, aluminum coolant manifold, and aluminum intake manifold. My engine also has the single barrel Solex carb.

Thanks for identifying this TRD2160 engine. Ken

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