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Skylark 455


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Just purchased 72 Skylark w/455 and 2004R auto.Car run good but will not shift into third until 55mph. Anyone have a solution ? Also want to instll headers. Which brand is best for this application. Have drag raced many years with AMC and big chevy camaro. Not experienced with Big buick. Thanks for the help.455Ken<P>------------------<BR>455 Ken

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If it's a 200R4, then the TV cable is not adjusted properly. I'm not sure of the adjustment procedure, but you should have a cable that runs from the tranny to the carb. This is the TV, kickdown or any other name people call it, cable. It basically is a cable operated TPS.<P>------------------<BR>Drew Schofield<BR>83 Regal<BR>64 Skylark Convertible<BR>www.angelfire/tn/page4drew/regal.html<BR>droopie@midsouth.rr.com<BR>

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