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Rear window molding clips for a 65


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I saw some threads from 2008. I need to source these clips. The new catalog from Restoration specialties shows item #8184 on page 159. Are these the correct clips for the rear window molding and if yes how many do I need? If not can someone please provide some guidance as to where I can source them.



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Guest 1963 Riviera

Hey Bob,

I recently resealed my front and back windows on my 63. Wether they are the same clips as on the 65 I'm not sure. on advice from this forum I purchased #8184. The guy who did the job has over 30 years experience so I won't doubt his workmanship but on completion the window on some areas sat as far as 3-4mm off the mouldings. His explanation was the clips were not the same. I left the front window as is and I have inserted black silicone in the gaps on the rear window as it looks much better than on completion. I suggest to ask for (or buy ) both numbers and decide yourself.

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Guest Rob J

8583 looks more correct to me. I'm comparing it to ones I have off the car now. Hopefully someone else will chime in.

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Hey guys. Sorry I didn't pipe in sooner. I sent a photo of one of my clips along with measurements to Restoration Specialties last year and they recommended part number 67-6103. The clip is nearly identical although the top corners on the new clip are rounded and the originals are square. Other than that they worked perfectly.

As far as quantities I can confirm that the front window uses 8 clips. I ordered 30 and have 2 left so the rear window must take 20 clips. I hope this helps!


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