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Guest aricrickard

Is there any way to find out which resistor code my Reatta ignition key needs? I lost my key but I have a dumb key. So if I could find out what resistor code I need, it would be easy to make a replacement key. I was oping that there is somewhere in the car that I could measure the resistance needed.



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Hi Rick,

Welcome to the forum!

The only way I know of to find the key you need is to use the instructions on my website for bypassing the VAT system. You would need to try each of the 15 possible resistors until you find the one that would allow your car to start. Once you found the correct resistance for your car you could either bypass the VAT system as described in the instructions, or put everything back together and have a new key made with the correct resistance.

How To Bypass The VATS/Passkey System*-*ReattaOwner.com

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Another way, obviously,would be to go to a locksmith. If you elect to do it on your own you would probably need to know the 15 resistor values first. A variable resistor might not prove accurate. Another thing to consider, as i recall, is that after using an incorrect value, you would have a four minute delay until a correct value would work. (this is from my locksmithing days back in the 1980s.)

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Here are the resistor values

1 402

2 523

3 681

4 887

5 1130

6 1470

7 1870

8 2370

9 3010

10 3740

11 4750

12 6040

13 7500

14 9530

15 11800

I have a new uncut # 9 3010 I would give to anyone who needs/wants it.

If you do try each resistor there is a five minute wait time between failed tries.

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