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PKG DEAL: 13 Vintage Consumer Reports Magazines

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The list below gives the vehicles or automotive topics covered in each magazine. The year of the magazine is the same as the model year of the cars. There are lots of other contemporary consumer product reviews as well. The magazines are generally in good conditon for their age. If you have any questions or would like a cover photo of particular issues please let me know.

April, 1961: Auto Buying Guide Issue (covers all domestic family cars) (cover torn)

February, 1962: V-8 sedans Chevy Bel Air, Dodge Dart, Ford Galaxie (covers detached)

March, 1963: Mercedes Benz 220

September, 1963: DAF Daffodil, Renault R-8, MG 1100

February, 1964: Six compact cars Chevy II, Dodge Dart, Plymouth Valiant, Mercury Comet, Rambler American, Ford Falcon

April, 1964: Auto Buying Guide Issue covers all domestic family cars (excludes Cadillac, Imperial, Lincoln, Corvair, Corvette)

August, 1964: Full road tests on Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvair, Opel Kadett, and VW Beetle

October, 1964: Used Car Issue (includes repair histories, recommendations, etc.)

May, 1965: Medium-priced V8 sedans: Chrysler Newport, Mercury Monterey, Buick LeSabre, Oldsmobile Dynamic 88, Pontiac Catalina

August, 1965: Saab, Simca 1000, Datsun PL410 (small part of front cover missing)

April, 1984: Annual Auto Issue including article on Pontiac Fiero

May, 1984: Honda Accord road test and three station wagons: Buick Centruy Custom, Chrysler Town & Country, Mercury Marquis

February, 1987: Car Care issue plus road tests: Toyota Camry, Misubishi Galant, Nissan Stanza, Pontiac Grand Am

The package deal price for all 13 magazines above is $17.00 including postage in the USA. That's about $1.30 each, delivered to your door! PayPal or US Postal Money Order are welcome.


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