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Saw these beautiful old cars today....


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Looks like a couple of Early Ford V8 Club cars out on a tour. To bad you didn't meet them and cruise with them.

Any time two old cars are out together, they're having fun and I'd like to join them. You can find some good eating joints that way!

Saturday we're off on a "Tacky Toutist Tour" in period touirst outfits to see the surviving Touist spots in the Tampa Bay area and a good lunch at a local eaterty.

Hard to beat that for Saturday fun.

Old cars can be lots of fun without trophies.


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Guest Oldengineer

I was headed to a meeting with a client late this afternoon. I was buzzing down the interstate when I spotted what I thought was a beautiful old MG sports car ahead of me. When I pulled even with the car, I realized it as an old Morgan roadster. I'd never seen one before except in pictures. It was beautiful and looked like it was in perfect condition.



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I love when this happens, but more fun when you get to meet the owners.

Regarding the Morgan story, last summer I was chatting with our neighbor and she asked me to help her carry a bag of mulch out to the front from her garage. We went into the garage and what do I see but a lovely early bicycle fender Morgan sitting next to her Nissan wagon. Curious why I never knew she had it, she told me she has been storing it for her brother! You never know what's lurking in those suburban garages.

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Guest Kingoftheroad

Both are nice cars, I'd love to have either one....:D

I'm gonna have to start carrying my camera so I can post classics I see. I saw two beauties this morning while I was out, a '41 Cadillac & a '66 El Camino but, I have no pics, sorry...

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Guest Killerbunny

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