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500 Caddy Oil Pan

Guest rsd9699

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Guest rsd9699

Greetings to Caddy boys and girls.

I have a 1973 Caddy with 500 and turbo combination squeezed into a 56 caddy.

The oil pan was beat to death to get in space of the 365.

I visited honest john in person yesterday and scanned his stock pile of parts.

I need to move the 500 forwards a couple of inches roughtly.

Honest John indicated that the only pan to fit correctly is from a 1971 Eldorado.

He has one and has a good knowledge of Caddies.

So is am not sure of what to do or who to contact. He says the 71 pan is the only pan to fit with out modifing it (I guess meaning hammering it to death).

He also indicated the bolt pattern is also a problem.

Any anyone care to tackle this subject yet one more time?

Thanks Ron

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There are several companies that will fabricate a custom sheetmetal oil pan for you. Give them the dimensions you need and tell them what engine it's going on, maybe send them the one off the car, and they'll make it to clear any crossmember or steering rack you've got. I don't know about costs, but in terms of solving the problem correctly, this is a lot better than hammering some stock oil pan to fit. They aren't that expensive in the grand scheme of things, and it's one of those situations where it's finished and you never have to worry about it again. They'll even make it with an extra deep sump, baffles, or any other kind of oil pickup you need.

Just a quick Google search turned up:

ZZ Custom Fabrication Oil Pans

Charlies Oil Pans High Performance Motorsports Racing Pans

Moroso : Article : AboutOilPans.html

Hope this helps!

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OK, first of all, just be sure to set your expectations on a custom oil pan. This vendor specializes in performance parts for the Caddy 500 motor:

Cad Company 8.2 Litre Performance - Cadillac 500 Performance Parts

Go their online catalog and check out page 23, oiling system. A custom sheet metal rear sump pan for your motor starts at $635 and goes up from there.

Page 23 - Oil system - Cad Company Online Catalog

You might also want to check out page 5, swap information:

Page 5 - Swap Info - Cad Company Online Catalog

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Considering the performance level of your engine, plus apparent space considerations, you might desire to investigate a "dry sump" oil pan system. In this case, there is no sump per se, as with the wet sump system and engine-inclusive oil pump system. You can place the oil reservoir in the trunk area, I suspect, and hide the oil lines going to it beside the frame rails.

Usually, with oil pans, you don't "hammer", you cut and re-weld pieces for frame and/or steering linkage clearance.



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Guest rsd9699

I agree n the hammer part and once I get the current pan out - I will post a picture that shows hammering and soldering to make it fit.


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