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1966 Cadillac Fleetwood HPOF Survivor

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This 1966 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham is the first of several low-mileage, well-preserved '60s and '70s luxury cars that we've recently discovered. Showing just 34,910 original miles, and loaded with just about every option you could get in 1966, it's remarkably clean and a shoo-in for HPOF competition.

This is one seriously LOOOONNNNGG car. I almost couldn't fit it in frame while shooting its profile, yet the proportions are excellent. I'm partial to the 1966 Cadillacs, with my father having a '66 DeVille convertible when I was a kid. This Fleetwood is completely rust-free and shows zero evidence of any accidents, although it's possible (not certain) that the passenger front fender has been repainted once in the very distant past. Maybe.

Chrome is outstanding, including the "pontoon" front bumpers which always tended to accumulate debris and rust from the inside. All the stainless is equally nice, and there's no pitting or cloudiness to any of the trim. All the FLEETWOOD badges, the Tiffany-style script logos, and the Cadillac crests are exceptional, although one of the fender-mounted FLEETWOODs is missing its 'D'. The black vinyl top is also beautifully preserved, showing no wrinkles or popped seams, and no rust underneath.

But the interior is where this car really sparkles. In short, it's immaculate, with only some light soiling on the carpets keeping it from showroom condition. The door panels are gorgeous, the seats are that funky '60s fabric that is so kitchy that it's cool again, and the back seat is simply massive--just look at the size of the rear doors! The photos make the seats look a little discolored, but that's because the material is kind of shiny, like a sharkskin suit, so it's hard to photograph properly. No worries, it is almost perfect in person. And as I said, it's loaded with options including climate control, cruise control, tilt/telescope wheel, Twilight Sentinel, auto-dimming headlights, an AM/FM stereo radio, and interval wipers. There's also a rear defroster and speakers. Back seat passengers are treated to limousine-like accommodations, with footrests and fold-up tray tables with their own vanity lights. The trunk is still lined with the original felt, and it carries what I believe to be the original spare tire.

The engine bay is a bit grungy, but will surely clean up. We've given it a light detailing and have recently serviced the 429 cubic inch V8, so it runs superbly. With 340 horsepower, it moves the big sedan effortlessly with a muscular burble from the tailpipe. The heavy-duty TH400 3-speed automatic clicks through the gears as it should, and the brakes are reassuringly firm. There's absolutely no rust on the undercarriage or floors, and the tires appear to be in quite good condition, although I think I'd replace them if I were going to drive the car--I have no idea how old they are.

This is a very impressive survivor that will stun the crowds with its opulence and wonderful detailing, and if you're a fan of "Mad Men" this is the perfect car for you. Start collecting some preservation awards for only $15,900, and this is the first of many such cars we'll be offering in the near future (E-mail me if you're interested in a list of cars that are coming up).












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Guest bofusmosby

Wow Matt, what a great looking car! As a kid growing up, my next door neighbor had one just like it. I'll never forget riding in it. It was like riding on air! Seeing the condition of it, my neighbor could have owned it, and parked it back in the late 60s.

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I agree. There are only a handful of truly collectible post war 4 doors. The 60's Fleetwoods and Imperial Lebarons are among them and the Broughams set the bar.

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