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what year car did they come in? I'm used to fullsize cars but have a complete 373 posi rear from a 1973 gs stage 1 that was wrecked. The previous owner got from a donor car.

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The 7.5" GM rear axle might have 10 rear cover bolts, but it not the same as the other GM axle normally called a "10 bolt" which has the 8.5" ring gear diameter. The 8.5" 10 bolt has a completely round rear cover and gasket. The 7.5" axle has a rear cover and gasket that are not completely round (more oval) plus totally different architecture where the brakes mount on the axle housing ends.<P>The 7.5" axle was originally under 4cyl and 6cyl Chevy Novas (the original ones in the 70s) and a different housing version came out with the 78 Malibus (and similar), the 82 Camaro/Firebird, and 82 S-10s. It was not really designed to be a high horsepower item considering its original uses.<P>The 8.5" axle is the classic GM 10-bolt axle. Also remember that Buick and Olds had their own axles in many cases in the 60s and 70s that did not cross over into the other carlines, but would fit under similar body series vehicles (i.e., Malibus, Cutlass, LeMans) as the frames and rear suspension mounting points were usually the same. Many GM 1/2 ton pickups also came with a version of the 8.5" 10-bolt rear axle from the 1970s on up to more current times. <P>As far as ratios, similar ratios were available for each ring gear diameter axle. Typically from low "2"s up to 3.73 and maybe 4.10 in a few applications over the years.<P>Hope this clarifies the situation somewhat.

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