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1926 326 Packard Water pump or housing

Guest vintage honeycomb

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Guest vintage honeycomb

Hello from Australia, I have the water pump out of my 326 (6cylinder) and the body of the pump has a crack around the clamping flange.

If I can't find a complete pump I would be happy with just the body and I can use the other parts of mine to rebuild another complete pump. Can anyone help me with this, or does anyone know of a replacement pump which will fit.

Thankyou for reading my post.

Greg Stevens

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G'day Greg,

See you recently joined PACA, of which I'm Secretary, so a welcome there.:)

My mate Wade recently had the two pieces welded together of a 426 pump housing he was rebuilding for a guy from Tamworth. Don't know how similar a 426 pump housing is to a 326 but you'll be able to tell from the pic's below.

The company that arranged the repair is Anglade Enginerring who also did the machine work to accept modern sealed bearings and a ceramic seal in lieu of the originals.

Link to Anglade Engineering WebSite - Anglade — Toolmaker & Engineering Services in Blacktown, Sydney



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Guest vintage honeycomb

Thanks Mal, the photo shows this pump housing being broken right through, by making a mandrel to align the housing while it is being welded this is quite a simple repair. Unfortunately mine is cracked around the mounting flange which is a much more complcated scenario. You have thick and thin and welding into the cast iron body whilst trying to retain the thin flange.

I will keep looking, John the water pump man at JDM in Melbourne tells me he has seen or heard of a later model pump being "slightly modified" to suit, something will come up. In the mean time I will still ask for help with another pump body from any other forum users.

If anyone has a thought on the later pump modification the existing pump body is 144 mm round, that is the hole in the front of the block is 114mm.

Still no word on an old 326 radiator assembly to use for it's parts.

Cheers from Brisbane Greg.

Edited by vintage honeycomb
should have been 114mm not 144mm (see edit history)
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