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1926? Buick for sale

Guest notdeadyet

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Guest notdeadyet

For sale is what is left of what I have been told is a 1926 Buick Master.

The frame # is: 1415477

The engine # is: 1471179

The chassis is mostly complete along with the engine and transmission.

The engine is missing some external parts.

The grille and radiator are missing as well as the body and seats.

I am assuming it was a 2-door by the length of the doors but I am not certain.

The gauges are still intact.

The rear fenders are there but both have a tear across them.

The wood rims look like they are still useable.

I am asking $1000.00 or best offer.

I am located in Minnesota.

You can call me at 320 224-0107 anytime if you have any questions.




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Guest Classicjerry


What condition is the hood in? Also the filler pieces over the front fenders that the hood latches bolt to? I would like more pictures of these parts if possible. Is there a cover piece over the rear of the frame and the gas tank that the trunk would sit on? Let me know, Jerry

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Guest notdeadyet


Here are a couple of pics.

The filler pieces that hold the hood latches are both there and look good.

The hood top pieces are a little distorted and will need some work and one of the vented side pieces has a little rust along the bottom edge but otherwise look straight.

There is a curved piece of metal on the rear of the car that curves around part of the gas tank and it looks in good shape if that is the piece you refered to.






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Guest Classicjerry


I tried calling you about the hood and the other piece. I have not heard from you. I wanted to discuss the condition. Please get a hold of me.

Thanks, Jerry

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Mr. Terje,


Since the original posting is over 4 years old,

and the original poster has made only 11 postings,

he may not see your question.  

(If you click on his user name, you will see

that he has not even visited the forum since 2012.)


I realize you are in Norway, but you might try

telephoning him.  You may get a better response.

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8 hours ago, terje said:



Do you have a front splash apron for the 1927 Buick Master ? ( Buick master apron from 1924-1926 will also fit)

Please take contact on : terflo@frisurf.no


I can arrange pick up by UPS.    Terje


Terje, I'd suggest you also post a Want to Buy in the BCA Buy/Sale forum. 

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