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Can someone identify this transmission?

Guest notdeadyet

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Guest notdeadyet


I have a transmission that I would like to offer for sale but I don't know what it fits.

Does anyone know?

These are the numbers cast into one side: 36275-C

These are the numbers cast into the top cover: C36274

It looks like it might be a GM product but I don't know.

I had it sitting with some 1935-36 Pontiac parts but I don't think it is for that.

Any ideas?





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Guest straight shooter

It is a Borg Warner transmission. I want to say that it was used in Dodge pickup trucks from the thirties but I am not certain. It might of been used by Plymouth as well. Lets wait and see if anybody can confirm this.

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Although I did get side tracked yesterday I did make it out to the garage today. Upon closer inspection of my '31 Dodge transmission and looking at the couple pictures that you provided they are not the same. They are close but there are differences in several areas. I could still be from a Chrysler product and a later year than a '31, someone would have to look up the numbers you posted to verify and hopefully identify. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Good luck, Scott...

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