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Discovery Channel interested in photos

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Hi all -

My name is Jason Wright and I am the Associate Producer for a new program on Discovery Channel called "Fast N' Loud". This new series follows car enthusiast Richard Rawlings across America as he searches for vehicle classics to restore to their former glory.

For each vehicle that is featured we try to tell a bit of history using a variety of images and footage. I'm turning to AACA to see if any member have photos of their work that they'd be interested in having featured on the show.

Currently we are looking for images of a 3-Window Zephyr from the late 30's to Early 40's, as well as any photos of a 1932 5-window Pontiac.

If you'd like to have your photos considered, Please send high-resolution versions to JWright@pilgrimstudios.com and I will contact with a photo release form. As well, feel free to contact with any questions.

Thanks so much!

Jason Wright

Associate Producer

Pilgrim Studios


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Best of luck to you, for the record the show to follow in the footsteps of is Wayne Carinni and Chassing Classic Cars. He and his show are a "Class Act" and a true view of the hobby IMO. Bob Swanson

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I have some for sale that could be for sail! I can offer tech support as well. There has only been one Amphicar restoration done for TV and it was a amature hack job so it would be nice to see a high quality restoration done properly and documented for TV.

  1. Regatta Red: Newly rebuilt engine with <1 Hr runtime, New top, 100% COMPLETE
  2. Fjord Green: 100% Complete, unmolested original.
  3. Yellow: 100% Complete, runs great canditate for a restoration. (missing bumperette is now installed)




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Jason, great job on the first episode last night! Can't wait to see the rest and hopefully see my husband in action at Phipps Auto. He's really enjoyed having the show filmed on his property! Crew has been great, and it's always good seeing a few more old cars brought onto the property and fixed up!

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