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eBay buyers beware

Guest MiamiTVR

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Guest MiamiTVR

westcoastclassics is still misrepresenting the TC they have re-listed.

This TC is presented as having the 16 valve 200 hp engine and as having Fondmetal wheels. It has neither. Rather, it has one Fondmetal wheel with four aftermarket wheels and the 8 valve turbo engine.

If the car is as nice as it looks there should be no need to be other than fully honest. The lister knowingly misrepresenting such easily checked things leads me to question the harder to verify assertions.

There are a number of true 16 valve TC's on the market right now. This is not one of them.

Do your homework. Be an informed buyer.

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Guest MiamiTVR


I sent two emails to the lister the first time he posted it for sale. He responded to neither and made no correction to his listing.

His lack of knowledge regarding this uncommon car is understandable and forgivable. His failure to correct the listing once having been informed (now three times) is not, in my opinion.

A lister offering to sell to a buyer that may have to make a decision from a long distance or that can verify the lister's information only at considerable expense incurs the absolute obligation to be scrupulously honest . But, then that may just be the way I do my car selling.

It does look like a very nice car.

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