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2002 Century Stabilizer Bar Replacement

Guest 70 Electra

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Guest 70 Electra

Was replacing a broken stab bar link bolt on my kid's 2002 Century, and found the stab bar itself was also broken (It's tubular, and therefore has "double thickness" at the connection to the link bolt---one of the two layers of metal cracked off).

I'd never come across this, but perhaps because I am used to older cars with SOLID bars. A quick look at the internet enlighted me and I now realize this is extremely common issue on these cars with tubular bars.

THE QUESTION: Do you really need to drop the back of the subframe in order to get the old stab bar out? This is what the service manual says to do.

I can't believe that GM would tell the dealers to do this, if it wasn't necessary, but I'm looking for feedback from anyone that's done the job.

I'd like to do this myself, for economical reasons, but am a bit hesitant to start unbolting the subframe from the body on a 10yr old car---especially in my home garage.

Thoughts? Comments? Recommendations?


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