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new windshield in wife's TC

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I am going to get a lot of dry ice practice for the hail dings/dents. I got a peek at the black top and it is mint condition black fabric. My 2010 Sebring has 7,100 in dents plus the front and rear windows.

Ginger (my wife not the car) gave me permission for a 3 car garage so 6 of the 7 cars will be safe.

$13,000 damage to the house and the "boat house" currently storing an 87 Shelby Lancer.

That's all from Maryland Heights, Mo. home of the Good Friday tornado that missed by 1/2 mile and the May 23 straight line wind that didn't, and the hail storm that didn't.

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Guest MiamiTVR

Sorry to hear about the hail damage. We got hit here hard, also.

I watched the uTube videos and tried the dry ice method on my wagon. I had no success.

The PDR folks now they know some magic and my car is back to as new.

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