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Rays windshield

Guest 1930

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Guest 1930

Hello Ray, knowing that you are having problems with your windshield fitting I came across this tonight......( Quote ) On closed cars to open the upper sash loosen the two large retaining screws, adjust the sash to the desired position and tighten the screws. The lower sash is adjusted by loosening the retaining screws, raising the handle which by an eecentric movement lifts the sash off the fence, adjusting the sash to position and tightening the screws. .........

Knowing very little about your car but it sounds to me as if to open the lower sash ( isnt your windshield two piece ) you raise the handle which raises the glass of the rubber, could it be that it is simply raised and was never lowered properly?

I may be waay off base but while I cam across that info I thought Id better share it as it might be a solution for your problem.

I can scan the page if need be just didnt want to at this point for fear of damaging the book.

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Thanks for the p.m., Jason. Sorry, I have not responded sooner - I have just now got onto the forum page for new posts.

I am grateful to you for posting the information but I think it may be for closed cars and is maybe different for touring cars. There are a number of problems relating to my windshield.

There is a rubber seal missing which I believe sits on the top of the lower section. I can temporarily utilise an 'h' section piece of felt covered rubber chanelling to fill in the gap.

Another thing is the gap in the corners, which even with a proper screen to scuttle seal (which Mike in Oz. put me onto) will not completely fill in - but with a bit of fabrication, I should be able to make it water tight.

One other thing; there is no satisfactory seal where the top meets the screen and this is necessary for driving in wet weather. Just another little job!

The reality is that it would appear I do not have the correct screen (or top) for my car but I imagine that in Australia where it was restored, there was not as much chance of rain as here in Blighty. This April was the wettest on record (although some parts are still in drought!) You can often get caught in a downpour no matter what the forcast.

Trust a Brit to go on about the weather! - it's a national pass-time.:)

Thankyou again for your consideration, Jason. I will send a p.m.


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Guest 1930

No problem Ray, let me look into it a bit more and comment further when I have done that. I am sure that one of us can get to the bottom of that pesky windshield :)

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