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1956 Chevy 3100 Pickup Restoration Completed


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This is my 1956 Chevrolet Task Force 3100 Pickup, It has just undergone a 10 year complete frame off restoration, so I'm pleased to say it's FINALLY DONE.

I originally got the truck from Oregon and moved it here in Michigan, I drove it for about 2 weeks, then decided to have it restored, I had a local restorer of vintage cars take on the task of doing my truck like his cars, he's old and slow but very good at body work and painting.

I assembled everything on the truck and put as many NOS parts I could find to keep this a Numbers Matching truck,( Date code glass, Original paint colors etc.) this was a very original truck when I purchased it, I tried to cover every detail from the front to the back, I hope the pictures show that, I plan on getting a trailer for it and taking it to some real good shows to get it judged for Points.

Can anyone help me with info to show this Truck of mine off and joining AACA????

Thanks..... STEVE MAVEAL












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Very nice job, looks show room new.

I would suggest looking at the local AACA regions/chapters in your area. Each get 4 free 1 year National memberships each year and they may give you one if you join their region. You will also find a great bunch to get together with.

You can also join online


Magazine alone is worth the membership cost.

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Has the most interesting interior door handle arrangement. You push the handle all the way down, and then close the door-and it's locked. Of course, you have to be careful not to do so while the keys are in the ignition. My older brother did so once and my father.......................

Beautiful truck. Great job.

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I like.

I wish everyone who has these trucks would restore them to this level instead of turning them into streetrods. I sometimes get this jones for a 51 Chevy 2-door sedan like my uncle had. Searching online often brings up the trucks too, and >90% of them are cut up and hotrodded in some form or fashion. Seems few people like to leave these old Chevys as they were built.

Kudos for an excellent RESTORATION.

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Thanks everyone for the Nice replies....

It was quite an undertaking restoring this truck living in a small community area without the resources that the big cities have, but I did send alot of parts away to have them professionally rebuilt, I have tons of money trying to cover every detail such as Mostly NOS parts for the numbers, paint colors & codes for a perfect match (this truck had all the original paint in areas), I did have to resort to some Newer Remanufactured parts thou, there was not much to go on the Task Force trucks for information reguarding Pictures, most where done in lithograph, I assembled this truck using a Factory Assembly Manual.....

I wanted to do this restoration to keep it Original Factory Condition so others in the future can see just what they had to drive in 1956.........:)

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Classy looking truck,excellent restoration job.Are those the correct hubcaps?

The truck originally came with the correct Ivory White with the black bowtie hubcaps, these needed alot of work to get them perfect, I found these reproduced chrome hubcaps with the Ivory centers that where a perfect match and made very correct, so I resorted to those instead of putting alot of money in my origianl one's, These where an option back in 1956 for my truck from the factory.........

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Congratulations! Super nice restoration. I love the blackwall tires and stick in the floor. { granny low gear? } If you are not a menber of AACA, I urge you to join. Looks like you have a National winner there if you are intersted that aspect of the hobby. Great truck! Enjoy.

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