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Intercooling a Draw-Thru Turbo System


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I need some information on installing an intercooler on a 20 psi draw-thru system. I've been told this can't be done because fuel collects in the intercooler on a Draw-Thru system. Is this true? Any help appreciated. Dick

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I have heard this before, but I question it's validity. I don't think an intercooler would cool the air/fuel charge enough for it to simply condense out,even while under pressure. I have thought about the possibilty of an intercooler on the '78/83 Buick Carb/Turbo V6. I abandoned the idea when I realized that the extra pathway that the charge would have to travel would greatly increase the lag. The Buick Carb/Turbo set-up has enough lag already. Port fuel injection helps overcome this by introducing the fuel right at the cylinder. The biggest benefit of the intercooling would be less detonation at higher boost. I am going to try to overcome this with water/alcohol injection.<P>------------------<BR>Rich George - b4black@flash.net<BR>BEFORE BLACK Webpages - <A HREF="http://home.flash.net/~rjgeorge" TARGET=_blank>http://home.flash.net/~rjgeorge</A><p>[This message has been edited by b4black (edited 08-22-2000).]

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