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master brake cylinder for sale

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master brake cylinder from my 89 TC which is defective BUT rebuildable

pickup only ( too heavy)

new rebuilt ones are around 1200! ( I got a used one...)

you can repair this one for much less

make me an offer

There is no way that an individual can rebuild one of these Tevis ABS 'master cylinders'.

The piston corrodes and allows brake fluid to by-pass which gives you that sinking brake pedal feel.

This one will have to go to a re-builder for $1,200 as well.

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even if this one had the "hard pedal" disease?

If that is the problem, then it is most likely that the pump is defective.

As you said earlier, you bought a used one which apparently worked OK for you, so the electrical system to the Hydraulic Assembly must be operating properly.

There is the possibility that the '3-way' switch is defective causing no power to the pump motor. (that's the one that screws into Hydraulic Assembly.

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