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Guest Davii

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Guest Davii

Anyone know of someone who manufactures or provides trunk interiors to replicate those in 50's era Buicks? I'm looking to replace the torn up board/fabric in the trunk of my 55 Buick Special.

Thanks in advance for any leads on a supplier.



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Hampton Coach. Buick interiors from 1927 to 1955. I bought a complete upholstery set from them for my 49 Super 4dr. The quality is excellent. When they were cutting and sewing the pieces, they called me to ask me which way the chain pattern in the trunk fabric was oriented - vertical or horizontal. The trunk kit was a faithful reproduction what came from the factory - panels and coverings.

Hampton Coach - Antique Auto Restoration- Chevy 1916-1954, Buick 1927-1955


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