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71 -73 Riviera Console for sale

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I have a Console from a 71 -73 Riviera. This is NOT for a 100 point resoration but could be used in some daily driver or a custom setup. The base has been repaired and would look good with some new paint. The console lid is in great shape as is the shifter and the front upper part of the console . Has the PRNDL plastic and the woodgrain potmetal around shifter. The Shifter Cable is in great shape too. I have it all boxed up in two seperate boxes so the base will travel well . I had it sold but the shipping charges made the buyer back out....I dont dictate the shipping charges...USPS parcel post is the cheapest I know of. Anyway , 50.00 bucks or a reasonable offer PLUS shipping will get it out the door . I am in the Minneapolis Minnesota area so I would love to sell it locally and skip the shipping hassle. Thanks

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