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I have several usable items for a 71/72 cutlass supreme for sale. These were parts that came off of a parts car that is now gone, but I stripped it before I scrapped it.

Two doors (both sides) with glass. Neither door has visible rust nor bubbles though the driver door has some paint starring which may be bondo beneath. $100 each plus shipping

Two front fenders, both have rust at the rear mounting. They are in good condition besides this but will need repair. $25 each plus shipping

Hood, no rust. It is usable as is, but to be excellent there will be quite a bit of work to be done. It looks like someone tapped on it with a ball pean hammer (probably a hail storm) and there are many indentations. These are not severe but became obvious when I used a sanding board on the hood. $100 plus shipping.

Complete 350/350 combination, including 2bbl carb. Complete motor and transmission still together. I drove this immediately before pulling the motor. It smokes and will need a rebuild. $300.

Front and rear bumpers complete. Both are in good shape though the plastic grill is snapped in half on the front bumper. No obvious bends or dings. $100 each plus shipping.

I have some other, less obvious parts from this car so if there's something you are looking for, email me. I have most of the engine bay parts and pieces and trim.

Prices are all negotiable. I'm moving out of my shop and I'd rather sell this stuff than take it to the scrap yard. Fastest response will be via my email listed in my profile. I come here once or twice a week, so if you question in the post or pm me, it may be a bit for a response.

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