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Thanks to the forum, the 70 Rivi that I had has gone to a new owner who, I hope, will return her to her former glory.

I have the following parts for a 70 Riviera that remain from a parts car

Front fenders (both sides) - one side has a small bit of rust at the mounting bracket but very usuable condition. ($100 each plus shipping)

One set of skirts - both have some rust but again, an easy enough repair ($50 plus shipping)

Front bucket seats, no rips though they do need a good cleaning. these are white. $100 plus shipping

Rear seat, white, speaker intact, again needs a good cleaning but very usable. $75 plus shipping

Center console with shifter, whole mechanism. White and should be recovered (vinyl). $100 plus shipping

Rear window glass, very good condition, no cracks and I'll throw in the trim to go along with it if you need it. $50 plus shipping

Two front spear (both sides), these are chrome and unbroken with all the mounting tabs intact. $100 plus shipping

Excellent hood with the front trim strip, no rust, white. $50 plus shipping. Low price as the shipping will probably be high.

Don't like the price? Make me an offer. I'm even open to trades for interesting stuff. I'd really like to sell this to avoid having to trash/scrap it and some of this stuff isn't found everyday anymore. I do have some other odds and ends from this car.

Fastest response will be from my email, you can find it in my profile. I won't put it here due to the normal hazards of listing emails on forums.

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