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Need help identifying Pierce Arrow trim

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100_0957.jpg A A friend of mine asked me to list some trim pieces on ebay he was given.Neither one of us know exactly what they are or approx what year. Was wondering if somone could help me identify them. I'm not fishing for offers or value,I have in my head what I think is a very modest starting price for them and will just let them run out on ebay.

They are heavy gauge sheet metal that appears to be chrome plated.There are left and rights of all and the shorter ones may be from multiple cars unless one car had three lefts and rights of each. At first I thought some of it may be running board step plates or covers or possibly doorsill plates. What ever they are,they are real cool looking. Also he has a front axle that I will eventually get back to New Jersey to take pics of.100_0956.jpg

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Tony Melillo

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They are 29 to 32. They are common due to the fact that new reproductions are available. I have a 55 gallon drum full of them. If you can find anybody who will pay for them, give them my contact information. They seem to be from several cars. They very by body style, year, and wheel base. Good luck. Ed

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