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425 Nailhead, Should I worry or ignore?


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I've driven my Riv somewhat infrequently and decided to take it out last weekend. It worried me greatly when, what appeared to be oil shot out of the tailpipes. I immediately decided to pull the plugs and do a compression test. I let the engine warm up and, pulled the oil cap to see if there was anything spitting out of there, nothing that I could see was blowing out.

Pulling the plugs they were all darkened somewhat, but to me they don't look that bad. I'm not sure when they were changed last, but I will obviously be putting in new plugs now. A compression test showed:

#1 175.5

#2 176.5

#3 165.5

#4 168.5

#5 169

#6 173.5

#7 173

#8 175.5

To me this looked really good. The engine is modified slightly and has always run like a champ. Now when starting it up for the warm up there appeared to be condensation in the pipes. The pipes also have black powder on the insides...so I'm wondering the car just isn't running way to rich perhaps?

Is there anything I should look at to be safe? I DO not want to drive the car if I could be stressing something out within the engine. The car sounds fine, purrs for the most part. Thank you.

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I wouldn't worry about it in the least, Randy......and I'm a guy who seems to worry about most everything on my old cars!!

You could have had some major water condensation from storage in your engine cylinders and the exhaust system. Then, you blew out a bunch of previously built-up soot and blackish water from the exhaust system, when the engine first started. Again, if the engine is now starting clean and running great....you ought to be in good shape. John

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All 3 of my "E" bodies 66,66,67 do this if the temperature at night drops below 55 upon starting for the 1st time in a week. Look closely and inspect, it is probably black carbon soot and moisture mixture. And they will probably steam about 3-5 minutes after starting momentarily too. Once all this stops you have driven all the moisture out of the cylinders and exhaust. You really should drive it 15-30min a week, this will allow all fluids and components to reach full temp and drive out latent moisture.

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