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Anyone here driving the maroon w/ black Auburn in Portland today?

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I was up at Council Crest park today enjoying the panoramic view when something even more inspiring appeared, a beautiful Auburn Boattail Speedster. It was maroon body over black fenders and I did notice the lovely engine-turned dash as it rounded the corner and left. I was hoping the driver was going to stop so I could chat him up, but he seemed to be enjoying the drive on a lovely day.

If it belongs to anyone here then perhaps we're neighbors, I would welcome a chat!

Portland has so many wonderful old cars and is also the home to the oldest Mercedes-Benz dealer and oldest Ferrari dealer in the US. I live in a high-rise with only garage parking, but there are several great cars even here, a DeLorean, Lotus Elise, '34 Ford sedan, 1960's Porsche, etc., and I see lots of beautiful machines on the streets every day like a lovely blue Morgan today, Triumph Spitfire, old Ferraris, and more. Love what the nice weather is bringing out.

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There are basically thre different varietys of Auburn speedsters. 1928-29, 1931-1933,

and the 35-36 . I don't believe any of them came with a engine turned dash. Possibly you spotted a second generation reproduction car.

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So I just did a google image search for the car and I found an article on it. Can someone explain to a novice like myself what this means exactly? Is it an original car with later engine swap, was it built with all original parts left over as the article somewhat implies, or is it a repro? The car was shown at Forest Grove Concours so I'd imagine it would have to be at least an original body and chassis but I have no idea. Whatever the case, the guy driving looked very happy and content so that's all that matters.

Classic looks, big muscle equal ‘wow’

Found the answer to my question here, tho most of you probably already know this info:

Glenn Pray Auburn Speedsters

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