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front hood


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Guest 89 Maui

Zoltan -

That is sharp and interesting. I wonder what car those front hinges were taken off of and mounted on the Reatta.

BTW Your hood liner would read "REATTA" upside down if you modified the hood to be front hinged.

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Guest 88atta

No, never saw this before; however, I did own a few 1990 LeSabres and it looks like that is where he got his idea. I'm not sure when that hood style opening actually began, possibly 85 thru 91 for the LeSabres and was also applicable to the Park Avenues up to 1990. For what it's worth...I never liked the style from a repairman's point of view but it was nice to know that the hood would never fly up when driving it.

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My grandfather's '87 Avanti convertible has the front tilt hood, and the battery is located up in the very front driver's corner. That puppy is a pain to swap out. But not quite as bad as the water pump.

The front tilt hood may not be so bad a FWD car with the engine seated like it is.

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I really like the way this car looks. I intend to do my tail light the way he did if I can get the time. You can read the details about the hood and the car here:


If you would like an alternative Ronnie, I have an extra taillight that I bought at Gibsons. You can have it for $10.00 plus freight. That's what I paid for it. That way if you decide you want to go back to stock you will have your original one.

Right now it is basicly a "night" light in my shop...

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Guest BobbyBubba

I AGREE. Techno: you'd have to be doin some SPEED for any "wing" to do it's job. I'm not into "everyone else's doin it" mentality.

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