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1910 Hupp first time white tires on street


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Drove my Hupp for the first time in a few years today, and no, I didn't just coast down the driveway!

Still some bugs to work out, but it moves under its own power now!

And that's not an oil slick under the car, that's rainwater on the street....the oil slick is at the TOP of the driveway.....synthetic oil leaking out transmission and too much oil in crankcase, some blew out vent pipes!!!!!


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Hi- haven't put the shocks on yet! I have the transverse ones for the rear, those are the ones from you, and I also have an original Hupmobile set for the front....which came off a 1911 I sold, which I believe was a coupe originally.....I believe front shocks only came on coupes...can anyone verify that?

I have the firewall trim for a 1910-11 Hupp coupe, along with the vent, if anyone is looking for those pieces they're available....thanks!

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G,day to all

Shockabsorbers of the eccentric friction type were used on all of the long chassis Hup 20 models ie touring, coupe, long chassis roadster and the commercials, buckboard and van but on the front only They were not used on any of the short chassis at all but that is not to say clever folk didnt fit them.I have seen patent ride improvers fitted on the back but my view is if you cant keep your back wheels on the ground drive slower.

Happy Hupping to all and remember this is national Hup tour year in Australia.

Max BURKE.Nulkaba Australia

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