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Pictures BOPC Car Show(LOTS of Buicks)

Guest shadetree77

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Guest shadetree77

My Dad and I attended the annual B.O.P.C.(Buick, Olds, Pontiac, Cadillac)car show today in Marietta. Unforunately, Lucy didn't make it due to the overheating problem. I didn't even attempt it, as it was a 60 mile trip one way and it was 96 degrees today. We had a great time and saw a LOT of Buicks. We also met some folks from the local Dixie chapter of the BCA. I took a TON of pictures. Mostly Buicks, but there are a few of my non-Buick favorites mixed in. To my knowledge, I only missed one Buick of the near 40 or so that attended. I meant to go back and snap a picture after the crowd dispersed, but forgot. One of my favorite Buicks(and one I had never heard of)was the '72 Skylark Sun Coupe. Not a very practical design,but man, it looked really cool!:cool: Of course, I was kind of partial to the '51 Special and the big ol' '52 Roadmaster as well.:D We also stopped on the way back in Cartersville and caught the end of a classic car auction. There are a few pictures from there included. I had to re-size and name each and every one of the 78 or so pictures for uploading. Whew!!! That took a while! Enjoy!











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Guest shadetree77

More.......Anybody notice anything funny about that Galaxie 500?? Don't think Ford ever made one like that!









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Guest 4 bufords

really nice pics,lots of work went into the 63 ford hope you get your overheating problem squared away.4 bufords from ct

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Guest Kingoftheroad

Great Pics !!

I gotta get to more car shows, its been a while. I use to goto car shows all the time....

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