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Cadillac de Ville 69 restoration help around LA

Guest Puni

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Guest Puni


for beginning, sorry for my english, I'm from Slovakia.

I want to ask someone from California, preferably around Los Angeles to help me.

I have one dream with my friend, to be a proud owner of Classic American car. We are planning to visit USA during september to october and we want to make a road trip from LA through route 66 to Chicago and then to New York. For that purpose, we want to buy Cadillac de Ville 1969 and recently we already have offer for preserved one.

Biggest thing is, that we want to give someone this car for restoration and decent customization. For example company like West Coast Customs or Chip Foose.

We want to have simple decent look of that vehicle from outside, maybe just some painting which will show map of our road-trip can be on the hood or side doors, but interior can look modern and things like good car stereo or gps navigation must be inside.

Can someone please advice me good custom garages in this area?

I will probably preffer bigger companies with references than smaller groups.

We tried to write e-mail to West Coast Customs but they never respond. Maybe they are not interested, or they have lot of work :)

At the end of our trip we want to sent that car back to Europe. This can be maybe interesting for that company, because that car will be representative piece of they work in Europe for future, and we plan to visit few car shows and car meetings here in central Europe.

If you have any question, regarding to my post feel free to ask.

Thank you all and see you on US roads :)

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