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ICM-ignition control module-

Buick City

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:)I just wanted everyone to know that O'REILLY auto parts has a new machine that checks your ICM. It took about 10 min.,but checks 28 different items,and gives you a print-out.I dont know if all the stores have them yet.My location just got it in less than a week!(both of mine passed) Just thought you would like to know!

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Advance and O'Reilly are competitors. Advance has been on the East Coast for a while and O'Reilly has recently started expanding to the East Coast. We now have both a block or so from each other and they are very much competitors.

For several years I heard of O'Reilly and had no idea who they were even though folks from out west sounded like everybody should know who they were.

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My apologies, somewhere I got the idea that both Oreillys and Advance used the same web server.

Thought it was like Whitney-Washaski, one east of the Mississippi ad the other west. I was wrong.

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