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1951 Buick Special Coupe


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I have been looking for a nice car to drive on AACA tours around Ohio and have come across a nice looking 1951 Buick Special Coupe 8 with automatic transmission.

I am not a Buick guy (yet) but really like the looks of this coupe and wonder what your opinions are concerning special issues with the 1951 that I should be aware of when looking at the car.

The local ad does not mention mileage but from the photos it looks to be a very straight car with a clean interior, good looking chrome, and good paint.

Where can I find specifications, dimensions, and weights?

I am sure there are a number of sources for points, carb kits, filters, gaskets, brake and suspension parts, etc.



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Guest shadetree77

Hi Dan. That certainly is a nice looking '51. I'm currently working on a '52. Do you know what model number that is? From the side trim and the split windshield, I'm guessing it's a model 46s. If so, there were only 2,700 of those made that year so not an altogether common car. Most of the other models that year had a one-piece windshield. The side trim on the 46s is also unique to that model. I see it also has the somewhat rare radio delete. Here is a link to some figures and tech. info for the '51: 1951 Buick Models. Really the only things I can think of that need to be checked are pretty common(oil pressure, battery charging correctly, engine sounds, etc). Make sure the exhaust and intake manifold don't have any major cracks in them. These things are pricey if they have to be replaced! Check for major leaks in the dynaflow transmission. Pretty much all dynaflows are notorious for leaking a bit, but just make sure it's not pouring! Also, if you test drive it, don't be alarmed if you don't feel or hear the transmission shifting. I didn't know this when I got my first Buick, but dynaflows don't shift! They aren't designed to shift in the normal sense so don't be alarmed as I was! I've also included some links to various Buick parts suppliers and to the Buick Club Of America site. If you do buy this beauty, you should really consider joining. The benefits are many and it includes a wonderful monthly magazine full of color articles, classifieds, and parts dealer ads. Keep us updated!

Old Buick Parts - CARS. Inc.

Bob's Automobilia

Kanter Auto Products - Classic Antique Auto Restoration Parts

Buick Club of America - BCA - Welcome

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Guest Rob McDonald

DAN, I'm sure this is not a rare body style (wait - Robert says 2700 and that is rare for a Buick) but there's something about that coupe that stands out from the sedans and Riviera hardtops that more often appear on these Forums. It looks like a sweet car that you'll find great for leisurely summer cruising.

Although not as flashy as your TD, a Buick is less tiring on a long drive and holds way more friends and their stuff. It's next-day delivery for most of the things you'll need to keep this simple machine running well.

Your wide range of automotive interests must make you a popular guy at all kinds of old car gatherings. I just Googled "Stutz 693 Roadster" and found a bright red beauty owned by a guy named Dan in Dublin OH. Hey, you should look him up!

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Hello Robert and Rob,

Thank you both for your good comments and thoughts.

Rob is correct about the MG TD comfort and space. It was OK on 2 and 3 hour drives when we were ten years younger but now it is a little tiring since we and the MG have a few more miles on us!!!

Back in 1970 I pulled my father in law's 53 Buick special sedan with Dynaflow out of the weeds and used it as a "work car" (We lived in a steel mill town in eastern Ohio and the cars we drove to the mill were referred to as work cars) for a number of months. My wife is fond of Buick's since her father was a Buick guy and her first car was a 1961 LaSabre convertible (white with red interior) which attracted and hooked me and the last 45 years are history. She likes the 51 Coupe.

The old STuTZ does draw a lot of interest. It is not a fully restored car. It was a complete car that we more or less preserved with mechanical restoration to made it drivable. The paint is 80 years old but shined up pretty well with the expected patina. We did have the have those big beautiful 24" wire wheel restored, a new interior and top, and new nickle. The biggest challenges were with deteriorated pot metal parts.

Back to the 51 Coupe: I plan to take a look at the car next week and will pay attention to the items mentioned. It is advertised as coming out of an estate of a long time owner. May have been a BCA member. I suppose the value range is some where between $8,000 to $14,000 depending on the anticipated work to make it a reliable and safe touring car. I see where a Dynaflow overhaul could be in the 42,000 to $3,000 range if needed.

I will post an update on what I find out. Thanks again.

I know that guy Dan DiThomas in Dublin, Ohio!!!!!


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