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mounting tires on a 1926

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I am amazed with the technology used in the 1926 Chryslers. Hydraulic brakes, efficient motors and transsimions, rear end, etc, but am more amazed with the very poor tire/rim mounting.

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How in the F do you mount the tire on the rims? I got the tire off (pain in the A), installed new tube and the rubber liner thing. Now the CS tire won’t mount….

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Do you have a photo of the rim? Is it the expansion type and are you using the correct tool to expand/contract it? A lot of companies were using the same rim. Chrysler engineering was way ahead of most makes.

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Guest BobD735

Thanks Keiser,

I have one of those rim spreaders, but never had the operating instructions for operating it.

Your instruction sheet could possibly keep me from using all those bad words.


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keiser, thx! i'll get part from ebay and let ya know how it works. the pic your sent, is that your spreader?

No, that is not mine. I do have two of them, but both have issues with breaks in them. Otherwise, I would simply send one to you.

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